Filthiest sex brody dating

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Filthiest sex

In other words, whether or not you read your horoscope daily, where we rank on the “freak-o-meter” may be a direct result of our zodiac sign.

For some, dirty sexual behavior may be quite prudent; while sucking toes may seem to one person the height of dirty, another might laugh at that, knowing that it ain’t good unless they’re being strangled to the point of death while climaxing.

In order for a track to qualify, it had to really be creative in its cussing, pushing Lil Wayne’s stream of expletives in a somewhat original or even whimsical direction.

Finally, after spending hours on You Tube and various spyware-laden hip-hop lyric sites, we managed to narrow the candidates down to the top five filthiest Lil Wayne tracks. It goes without saying that the following list is very, very NSFW.

Over the course of the song, he likens his paramour’s naughty bits to a bowl of hot stew whose juice he is about to drink, and suggests that his oral sex might have curative properties, allowing him to “suck out” her flu.

We decided that we’d like to celebrate the occasion, but what do you get the man who has all the kush one human can ever smoke and enough tattoos to cover his entire face?

– Why it’s so filthy: The topic of seduction is never far from Lil Wayne’s mind, and this song serves as an itemised list of the things he considers to be romantic.

It starts out sweet enough — “I always do you favours,” he says, “that’s romance” — but being a Lil Wayne song and all, it’s not long before you realise that the favours are probably of a sexual nature. Other things Lil Wayne considers to be romantic include fucking at work, having his thumb sucked, marijuana bouquets, three-ways, anal sex, standing up in that pussy like a sunroof, and hand-holding. The verse that takes the cake, though, is the one where Wayne propositions a girl for sex while at his mother’s house celebrating Thanksgiving.

So, who are the zodiac signs that are dirtiest in bed and make for the filthiest of sexual partners?

Dirty is a Sagittarius specialty, though it takes them a while trust you with their “situation.” And yes, “situation” is what it is, as their freakiness can be pretty specific and fantasy-oriented.

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looked up horny in the thesaurus and then made a headline out of all of the options: “The palace of of lust: How a racy BBC drama about Versailles portrays a very libidinous Sun King,” and then pronounced the show “the filthiest TV ever.” That’s some promise. Having watched the first episode on Friday night, I can say that yes, this show is pretty horny. There were a number of sex scenes, but this is America; our prestige television shows are often indistinguishable from a better-than-average of episode of We don’t just toss around “filthiest TV ever” lightly. Since we cannot simply trust our pelvises or inability to watch a show with our parents or siblings to determine if it is the horniest, we must trust science and math and reason.

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